Fruit Machine

this is the 'music' name I use for all of my public releases so far

I chose it when I was much younger and preparing to make music with a longtime friend, but we never did anything

I wanted to contribute to a charity album a lot of people I knew where contributing to, and just needed to pick an artist name

Thinking about releasing more stuff but probably not under Fruit Machine

I would need to get better equipment set up for this

Moon Musiq - Are You Shivering?

I forgot what I sampled for the song I submitted

It's okay, I think I was forcing myself into "genre" too much though, I was trying way too hard to be Zoviet France and failed tremendously, not to mention I didn't fully get song structure

Moon Musiq are doing amazing things currently, I really like what they are doing

Scum Alice + Fruit Machine - Ayahuasca Taps

I'm proud of what I made here despite still not having a grasp on formatting and structure

I think Scum Alice had a better sense of that then I did

Admittedly we didn't work together much we just did our individual halves and put them together

People say Jerusalem was the best thing I made on here and I don't fully get why

I personally am more proud of Brownie I don't remember HOW i did it but i made that entire thing with like one 10 second sample from a gospel record I had and a granular synth

Same with Hell but I think I just tweaked what I did for Brownie

ONE TRACK TOO!! I didn't overlap anything

There was not tamberine in the original song

I wish I remembered the song

I'm the one who named the album and I don't remember why I named it that